Go further, Be agile

AGILE Academy

Agile Academy was opened on 2/2016 and we have established several teaching tracks in several fields including:

  • Marketing and management
  • Creative Design
  • Information Technology
  • Languages

We have been able to obtain the bodies of awarding international certificates in these educational tracks and some of the certificates given by the Academy.

In the field of marketing and administration: The Academy grants students who have completed the courses of electronic marketing through the content ( INBOUND ), granting them certificates approved by the American Hupspot in addition to certificates from Google AdWords
In the field of creative design: We deal with several professionals in the fields of photography, photography, and editing in addition to specialized tracks in the design of two and three-dimensional using the latest technology
In the field of Information Technology: We have conducted professional courses in several areas, including the development and programming of websites – teaching content management systems – the most important software languages – in addition to our interest in keeping pace with the development and modernity through special courses for robots and Internet objects

Location: Hacısiyam, Fatih Cd. 44/12A, 28000 Giresun Merkez/Giresun
Telephone: ☎ 00904542120072
Cellphone: 📱 00905537681142
Website: www.agile-tec.com
Email: info@agile-tec.com