Bringing Universities Closer

TASSJEL Educational Services

Tassjel’ idea was launched in early 2017 to become the Arab interface for educational services in more than one location, and based on its principles that education is the essence of life and the first step in achieving all ambitions, Tassjel and its staff gave all their energies to build an electronic system on a global level that collects all information and data from reliable governmental sources regarding universities and university programs of different denominations

And because Students face a difficult impasse when they decide to study abroad. Because of the scarcity of good information, students face difficulty in choosing the right opportunity and finding the right university for the career they seek. A student has to keep searching, day in and day out, for the relevant information and checking its reliability, accuracy, and completeness, yet, despite their efforts, one finds that studying abroad is always full of pitfalls.

Because education is worth all our resources, and education is flourishing in many countries around the world. We decided to be the link between the student and the appropriate options for him from universities and institutes and within the country that dreams of completing his studies To ensure that this process is fully implemented, we have developed an advanced electronic registration system to meet the aspirations of all students of all nationalities and countries

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